What is a Mikoshi?

In simple terms, a mikoshi is a portable mini shrine that houses a god. At festivals, it is carried around a town by parishioners to bless businesses and residents, but also to ward off misfortune. In Shintoism, it is believed that the local deity dwells in the shrine and it can only be moved by being carried within a similar structure. Because of this, it’s common for the mikoshi to be a miniature version of the shrine.
They are made of wood with two or more poles or beams, depending on the weight. The shape is square, hexagonal, or octagonal and they are often elaborately painted and embellished.

What Does Mikoshi Mean?
The kanji for the word “mikoshi” is actually quite literal and easy to understand. The first symbol, “mi” (神) means “god” or “spirit”, and the second, “koshi” (輿), means palanquin or portable. This type of transportation was commonly used by nobility in the past, and therefore was seen as elevated and appropriate for transporting deities as well.

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